Athlete Management

KSPL is an official player agent with vast contacts of players from across the globe. KSPL procures and negotiates employment contracts for an athlete and is responsible for communications with team owners, managers, coaches, and other individuals. KSPL is an official player agent to the Indian Super League. KSPL has already established contacts of players from Europe to the ISL Franchises. KSPL has completed the signing of David Trezrguet to FC Pune City. Apart for the acting as the player agency, KSPL also provides the technical staff to the ISL clubs. KSPL has already established the tie-up of FC Pune City with Ms. Lena.

Lena Fallqvist is a Swedish physiotherapist and nutritionist. She completed her education from sport medicine university and Gothenburg Gymnastic Institute(GGI).

She worked for various sports clubs in her 32 years of experience. During her involvement with clubs, she worked under different coaches like Ulf Friberg. She did her 1 year massage and anatomic course from GGI as well as 6 months Physiotherapist education with 1 year practical work at Gothenburg Medical center. She has done her specialization in Nutrition and Physiotherapy. Her specific skills include all physical work and exercises, sports medicine, ability to see what all individual players need to work with to improve the strength of the players and also make them fit, flexible and fast.