Marketing & Brand Development

Kshatriya Sports Pvt. Limited specializes in developing the marketing mix to best pursue our partner's marketing objectives and target market(s).

KSPL with their extensive network of commercial partners and experience have the right tools to provide successful solutions within the football industry. With its core team and in depth experience, KSPL is well equipped to design individual marketing models to provide development and implementation of 360° management strategies for key markets across India.

The strategies cover:

  • Brand Development through brand awareness, brand loyalty and integrated marketing communication programmes on a national or international level to build a brand presence in the market
  • Understand the core values of the intellectual property to help determine brand differentiation, market position and identification of new sponsorship opportunities across key markets
  • Identify target groups, their needs and brand perceptions. Increase of Customer Engagement through strategic consumer market initiatives
  • Develop marketing and brand concepts along with brand identity to design a holistic brand experience
  • To leverage on existing commercial partnerships across key markets
  • PR strategies & digital/social media marketing. To create a unique social media marketing strategy designed to achieve your business's goals and opening new channels to connect with customer.